A Broad Range of Consulting Experience

Z Solutions' consulting experience covers a broad range of industries from public health, insurance, financial, nutrition, manufacturing, marketing to utilities and more.  More importantly the experience includes traditional analytical operational projects and the more nuanced strategic projects where the analytics is used to supplement C-level decision making.

Example Projects

Prediction of Software Compliance

This four year effort has provided modeling and guidance to a major software provider to determine potential candidates for compliance audits. Starting from scratch, this is now a eight figure annual income producer.

Transformer Sizing

For a large electric utility Z Solutions has provided innovative techniques to replace deterministic estimates with probabilistic approaches providing annual savings in the seven figures. Most importantly, the approaches have allowed senior engineers to be relieved of everyday responsibilities to focus on other tasks.  Z Solutions staff were awarded a patent for these techniques.

Classification of Stars (ongoing)

In conjunction with a leading astronomer, Z Solutions is applying modern predictive modeling techniques to the issue of finding "interesting" stars deserving of closer inspection -- truly big data!