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New Class

Taught in partnership with the SAS® Institute: Exploratory Analysis for Large and Complex Problems

A new class with a greater focus on the most difficult exploratory problems

Transformer Sizing
Announcing iCLEAR®. A tool for estimating facility loads to improve estimates for transformer sizing




Nothing is more valuable—and more powerful—than critical information put to effective use. Z Solutions® is dedicated to helping organizations find more value from their data.

Our work is summed up in the following statement which identifies the greatest challenge for the data explorer.

Our Creed

"The value of exploratory data mining is the ability to discover what the organization presently doesn’t know and the more difficult task, to correct incorrect beliefs about your customers, your products or your business."

Z Solutions provides consulting, training and software in the development of research projects and applications to help companies explore their operations through exploratory data analysis.

Ask yourself:

Is your organization extracting the most value from its data?

Are you having difficulty interpreting the diverse data you have already collected?

Have you leveraged your data for the competitive advantages it can offer your company and your customers?

To find ways to improve your company's performance in all of these areas, view Z Solutions Technology and Applications.

Z Solutions®…Meaningful knowledge for data driven decisions.



"The most important weapon in the war for economic supremacy in the 21st century will be the organization of knowledge"
-Alvin Toffler




Four Impediments to Exploratory Data Mining Success


A Manager's Guide to Neural Networks


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